Marketing Services

 Micro-Business Enterprise System allows entrepreneurs to start and protect successful business ventures. The traditional progressive step-by-step method of growth used, by small and medium size businesses in the past are no longer available to small business owners because of the Internet and the high cost of retail and office spaces. This is where an affiliation with an association can play a major role. A well-positioned company with a properly targeted niche group is capable of generating a new customer base that can be sheltered from their competitors. built their business on affiliate partners who referred book buyers to them from their website in exchange for a referral fee on each book the referees purchased. Amazon today is a $20 billion dollar plus business. The new economy is full of other examples of companies who have turned a niche into a profitable network. To stay profitable in the new millennium, a successful company must develop and maintain access to a large niche market. 

A Business Marketing Circle includes other strategic marketing partners that want to reach the same targeted group. Each qualified business in the circle offers a one-of-a-kind product or service to the network. This diverse circle of businesses allows them to jointly market to the same customer base. This diversification permits circle members to jointly market to the same client base. A Business Marketing Circle is authorized by members of the Small Business Network that accept businesses from different trade groups that work  together in order to lower the cost of finding new customers. Companies that are accepted into the program based on their ability to market their products and services. Circle marketing permits niche market partners to reach the same group repeatedly. For example: Each business in the circle contributes a promotional insert to a quarterly mailing.