Business Marketing Circle

In a fast pace global marketplace a company canít afford to market to one customer at a time, to stay profitable in the new millennium, a successful company must develop and maintain access to a large niche market. A well-positioned company with a properly targeted group will be capable of generating a new customer base that can be sheltered from their competitors.

Circle marketing is a new concept in niche marketing. It combines existing marketing methods such as: direct mail, email and special event marketing with innovative marketing strategies such as; Business Marketing Circles, Email Marketing Campaigns, LeadSource & Referral Services, and Direct Market Mailers. Circle marketing allows business owners in a circle to reach their niche market group again and again with different methods of marketing. This makes niche group consumers more familiar with the products and services each member provides.

Circle marketing lets companies use joint marketing efforts to locate new customers. Also, business members who join a Business Marketing Circle bring potential customers to the circle. In addition to lowering the cost of advertising and promotions, Circle Marketing gives all members in the circle accessto all targeted niche market groups this allow them to achieve maximum separation from their competition. In todayís competitive marketplace a business must be efficient in all areas of marketing. It must attract new customers while maintaining old ones. Circle marketing is one of the few media that allows you to do both.